“I have all the money I need to meet our obligations, accomplish our goals, and be generous to others.”

Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

Are you yearning to take back your life? Your power? Your wellness? Your emotional well-being?

Because life’s just too freaking short to waste any more time spinning your wheels waiting and wishing.

You’ll want a team to run alongside you, support you, and celebrate your wins!!  We’re here for it!

Work With Me

First, commit to YOU.

Second, commit to one on one mentoring where you’ll get help with accountability while receiving education and access to resources to build your own community of women chasing visions too!

Third, share your new adventure.

I don’t sell Young Living, I share Young Living.

I am not a salesperson and thank God I am not because I don’t like being stuck in a salesy conversation.

Openly sharing a favorite restaurant, a new pair of workout pants, and my Thieves Household Cleaner is no different.

Use your oils openly, offer it to a friend, the person in line at the grocery store while you wait, and don’t forget to offer the spicy warm aroma of Thieves Hand Sanitizer for others to experience and have clean hands.

What makes a leader? The way you make others feel.”

Mary Young

We’re a tribe of oilers doing life differently — providing for our families and taking back our health — Linking arms with like-minded people, helping other families to be empowered to take back their wellness while providing for their families. Watching families take back control of their wellness like we’ve done, has been magical. It fuels my passion, my heart to change the misunderstood view of network marketing, and show it for what it really is. We’re backed by a global company with heart and a vision for healthy homes, replenishing what we take from the earth in oils, having a servant’s heart, empowering us to share around the world, and being hugely generous with others.

THAT makes all the difference.

Young Living’s Seed to Seal commitment sets us apart from all other oil companies and has made us the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. It’s a calling of authenticity because it matters for you, and your family. Wellness is more than a buzzword or a fleeting fad. It’s a lifestyle.

Start your journey here and now, it’s waiting for you!

"What I love most about Young Living Essential Oils is the ability to share my own family experiences and help other families decide to make healthier and more holistic choices for their own family."

Aimee W., Team Member since 2015